Our designs are unisex and the sandals are hand made from start to finish. We use high quality calf leathers from all over Greece that are tanned in the tanneries of the island of Crete.

The leather has its natural marks and texture, which make every pair of sandals unique. We also use shoe-nails and a special leather glue to bond the various parts together. The top part of the sole is made of leather and the bottom part is made of rubber. However we can also make sandals with both parts of the sole in leather (they’re more slippery though) and in this case there is an extra charge per pair. Our leather sandals get a beautiful dark color as time goes by; they also get the shape of the foot since natural leather always molds to your feet or stretches out.




Avoid getting them wet in sea water, but if you do rinse them out under a faucet, let them dry and then smear regular olive oil to soften them up. The oil makes them soft and dark whereas sea water makes them very dark and stiff. Keep them away from heat, radiators and especially puppies as well as some adult dogs (they love to chew on them!!!).



If your feet sweat a lot, the nails we use to secure the leather straps might oxidize; In this case, before you start wearing the sandals, put some nail polish on the metallic nail to prevent any dark stains. You have to put some more whenever the nail polish is wears off.