GEORGIOS MELISSINOS, Founder of the business

Gheorgios Melissinos, Stavros Melissinos’ father, established the store in 1927, at 89 Pandrossou St. at the foot of the Acropolis, in the Monastiraki area


Stavros Melissinos was born to a historic family of Greece, on September 10th, 1929, on No 6 Poikilis Str., in Plaka, the old quarter of Athens.

PANTELIS MELISSINOS, Artist Poet and Sandal Maker

PANTELIS MELISSINOS – ARTIST & POET SANDAL MAKER His hand made sandals have been walking, for years now, the streets of Athens, Rome, Paris, London, New York. [...]

History of our Workshop

MELISSINOS THE POET SANDAL MAKER OF ATHENS was established, in 1920, by an outstanding and much loved member of the Athenian society: Georgios Melissinos, who was succeeded, [...]

The House of Melissinos

THE MELISSINOS (also: Melissenos) FAMILY The Coat of Arms of the Melissinos Family A noble Greek family of The Eastern Roman Empire that is related [...]


Since 1920, the Melissinos -The Poet Sandal Maker has been featured in countless magazines , newspapers and TV networks, the world over, and now on the internet [...]